At Epoxy et Cie Canada we encourage artists and cabinetmakers!

Here is our virtual art gallery of Art Resin, you can contemplate these works of art which reflect by flamboyant colors which play a primary role and give a clear luminosity with radiance and depth and a magnetizing dimension! What about our river tables which are true works of art. At Époxy et Cie Canada we offer the best training with the best products to make an epoxy river table and also for the realization of cabinetmaking, art or kitchen furniture renovation projects.


Epoxy resins are a mixture of two components; the resin and a hardener. The mixture of the two components creates a chemical reaction so that the liquid resin gradually hardens into a solid plastic. The result is a shiny and clear surface. Resin is not only used in industry and construction, but also in the arts. So not only kitchen furniture, floors, tables, but also pictures, jewelry or sculptures can also be cast.

The trend to use resin in art comes from the United States, Canada and Australia. In Europe, the technique is still little known. With resin, works of art can be created that dazzle with their clarity, luminosity, sparkle and depth. Color pigments or other additives are added to the resin. Different effects can be created by choosing the paint background, the type of flow, the colors and the additives. Even experienced resin artists never stop learning. Resin can also be used to refine drawings, photos and pictures (oil, acrylic, alcohol, ink, watercolor, mixed media, etc.) to finally achieve a wonderful visual effect which can also protect against UV rays and mechanical influences.


Riccio is a passionate artist, born in Montreal, of Italian and Spanish origins. Immersed since his childhood in the artistic field, his father was a conductor in Europe. He is captivated by art as well as beauty in all its forms. His natural talent allows him to develop new ways of doing things and used only by Riccio. The beauty and the richness of the many countries he visited are reflected in his paintings by flamboyant colors which play a primordial role and give a luminosity and a magnetizing dimension for those who contemplate them. Riccio creates his art by texturing his paintings. The acrylic and resin finish gives his work a stunning visual effect. From his paintings emanate a deep essence and a hypnotizing effect that awaken the mystery. Riccio draws you into the fantastic world of contemporary, futuristic, impressionist and figurative art.