Pulse-Bac the choice of professionals.

Epoxy et Cie Canada is honoured to become the official distributor for Pulse-Bac vacuums.

Durable steel construction and reliable U.S. workmanship make Pulse-Bac vacuums the choice of professionals. Pulse-Bac has 15 years of experience on job sites across the United States to prove it!
Pulse-Bac is the self-cleaning vacuum cleaner. Other vacuum cleaners may claim to have impulse cleaning, but take a look and you will see that they are far from the original.
Now, with 15 patents at their fingertips for the innovations found in our vacuums, the spirit of innovation instilled by our founder lives on. Their engineers are always working to find the next feature that will improve our product for our customers. Pulse-Bac is committed to helping professionals in many industries find the best dust collection solutions.
These high-performance vacuum cleaners are manufactured at their plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, not far from where it all began. All of their employees are excited to ensure that the products they make and the service they provide exceed your expectations. Sale, lease and financing available!

If you would like more information about the Pulse-Bac vacuum cleaner, contact us or 450-996-0812.


Our goal is to treat our customers as a partner.