For an unique and personalized style, this option is ideal because the installation is generally quite easy, and the cost of the countertop is often very low compared to other materials such as various types of wood, marble, granite and other stones. An epoxy countertop is ideal for bars, dining rooms, laboratories etc. The epoxy finish countertop is durable and water resistant. At Epoxy et Cie Canada, we have a network of the best installers who have taken the best training for your epoxy countertop with the best products allowing you to choose the desired color and finish.

It is easy to clean an epoxy countertop using only soap and water, because its finished surface is non-porous, and is less likely to host bacteria. For this reason, these counters are often used in bars and restaurants, where it is likely that food will be in contact with the surface. One of the advantages of an epoxy resin countertop is that, after a few years of wear, you can apply a layer of epoxy to restore its shine. If a mark appears, it is possible to touch up the surface.

Metallized concrete countertops are one of our best sellers because of the diversity of the add-ons that we offer. There are a multitude of stone and glass colors available to add sparkle to your counter, bar, or bathroom vanity. The choice of colors and designs are limitless with the range of products from Epoxy et Cie Canada. Metallic epoxy is beautiful with its marble look and shine.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Seamless
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Unlimited size and shape
  • Insertion of glass and other materials possible
  • Very solid
  • Very competitive cost


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