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With the help of one of our installers who have followed the best training offered by Époxy et Cie Canada with the best products on the market with many years of experience, you will get sound and personalized advice, throughout your work to your polished concrete floor covering. A polished concrete floor is the best solution for the environment as well as its work being carried out at low cost.
The process of diamond sanding and polishing of the concrete surface by exposing the underlying layer of concrete while ensuring unmatched strength. Dirt and dust no longer adhere to the surface. Sanding and polishing is the longest step. In order to properly protect the floor, our high-end sealers will be applied. After one of our advisers will help you choose from our impressive range of colors and allows you to insert several colors in the same floor.

Grinder and Polisher and Blade from US Abrasives now available!

New products:

Exclusive to Epoxy et Cie Canada and Chemtec Epoxy Coatings for the

Prime shine polishing system! 4-step system. Floor covering project completed in one day.

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